You know how Ludum Dare Games go. You grab your friends, stumble around in the dark, and make bacon- Fast!
So yeah, we created a game last minute, but sure is fun to see what you can with a few hours of silliness.
Took 43rd out of 2889 submissions for humor.

So Top 50 is pretty awesome. 

"Love your MS Paint-esque art as always, silly game but pretty fun! Managed to keep it going for a long while lol." -by exezin

"HAHAHHA! This totally busted me up! The control scheme was comic genius, as was the sounds. Love it. LOOOOVE IT."
-by MrLeePerry

"This game is hilarious, sfx are just magnificent, it’s hard in some way too, manipulating two hands is confusing, great work."
-by Goplite

"Baconman is the greatest game I’ve ever player!. Haha, nice work in the time, it’s fun for a few mins. Sound is so good. If that game sums up the type of person you are, you must be a really fun. Nice work. Only thing is the hitbox is a little wacky at times." - by Slyddar 

"Digging the overall goofiness of this! The character designs do a really great job of selling the style. ...."
-by Sean S. LeBlanc
"Simple but fun! It gets hypnotic after a while! The audio clips go from funny, to annoying, and once you play it long enough it comes around to funny again. Being able to control both hands independently was great – a lot of little mini-strategies arose organically out of it. I liked parking an empty hand above a cooking piece so I wouldn’t miss it once it was done, while managing the monsters with the other. Really enjoyed this!"
-by fluidvolt

“By the power of Bacon… I have the power!”
This is a funny game! The character made me laugh, and the art-style suits it. Also the SFX add to the funny mood (and I recognized the monsters’ growl ). The mechanic is interesting, I think it would work great with gamepad like in “Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons”. Only the music was annoying sometimes."
-by KiRa937

And so many more awesome comments :3
It's BaconMan vs the Dark Destination  Club!! Can he eat enough bacon to knock out his foes??
Using his trusty portable stove and magic plate of everlasting raw bacon who knows how long he'll last?
I believe in you BaconMan!
The rest of the art and voice acting, programming, etc was created with my friends. Now go have fun with our silly game!
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