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A short game jam covering voice acting, simple puzzles, and a strange adventure.
I managed a small team of 6 people and helped the majority of them work on their first game. I did the level scripting, animation, and level layout, I also did some voice acting, and well helped teach and direct others which is a task in itself. 😅 At one point I wasn't even sure if I would get it uploaded in time. I created 8 levels in one week though we were aiming for 10 but between bug testing and handling the rest I had to call it so we could have something to submit in time for the game jam. I learned a new source control and a new scripting tool for the game jam.
I was proud of the level of cutscenes I built out too. It was hard to work with the original idea of a shark coming out of a puddle and eating the player and various other things that came up but I figured out how to approach it and make it work. Check out the blog to understand the whole process.
I wrote a long blog post about it here. Far more pictures and gifs there too.
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