I learned a ton working as a programmer on Kova. I wrote in C# in Unity and did some work with Platformer Pro.

I worked on the game Menu systems and UI:
I setup the Mission screen, Inventory, Log book, Ability Screen.

I also setup some of the mission structure.

I setup up the HUD such as weapon selection and crafting, and HP/Energy bars.

I created the mini map.

I worked on the enemy AI, creating their behavior and movement:
Drones, pirates, flying bugs, rats, cyberpunks, Cicadalyte, Sandburster, etc.

I helped setup some things on the game weapons:
Shotgun, beams, Flamethrower, etc.

I also helped setup some puzzles in the game as well.

I did a few other minor things like setup code for doors and elevators and other minor things like that.

I worked on quite a different few systems and enjoyed working with Black Hive and highly recommend them for future projects.

Below are some examples of UI Programming I did
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