Sake is a LA street fashion company created in honor of Jack Phoenix before his life was cut short. A group of artist have gathered together to create this brand and a game is in the making for his honor. The game (called Sakeworld) features a group of rappers (based on real life rappers) as they fight to clear the streets of alien monsters using their fists and guns. The game will be available on IOS and Android with console versions available at a later date.

I've helped with the game design and documentation of this game significantly. I've worked on level balance, enemy abilities, mini game documentation and more much more. I've also helped with UI design, particle effects for the game, and some animation (mainly special effect focused but some UI work was done).
I've worked on a variety of effects for this game featuring enemy attacks, world effects, UI and more.
The cherry blossoms above were created with a vector cherry blossom I created and animated into a short 4 piece sprite sheet I then added to a particle effect. I aim for four frames of animation in general, most of the time four frames is enough for most projects. You can see two different variations I've created above. Here I'm testing depth with a variety of cherry blossom options I've come up with.
Considering the nature of this game I've had interesting effect requests.
A few different balloon effects, I decided I should also create a 4 piece animation for this as well (popping animation), though, it may have been a little smoother with an 6-8 frame animation, the small screen size makes it not very noticeable, so this works fine for the size I'm working with.
The client requested a very stylized flashy win screen and so I put on some effects and redid their win screen. It was exactly what they wanted. You can see the use of the timeline to animate the cash.
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