I've been designing and building an AR tool in Unity for a client that will be used to develop their AR-focused murder mystery game in San Francisco. 
I do design + code 
Here are just some samples of my work (mostly figma-focused)
This work is subject to change and none of these are finalized, some of it is me just working out ideas.

A simple wireframe I made

Originally this was setup to be a 2D game but the direction was changed...

Me thinking through some ideas, I did some concept design work for the game and also thought about a direction for the editor (this would later be scrapped for something much simpler)

This game will eventually be multiplayer, the backend team will be fleshing out some of that to create a Jackbox style login in for game rooms.

Quick mock-up UI for a tool I'm building out

So I'm not only building out the game, but the tool to build the game. I am mostly combining a few assets and reworking them to make sense for this project to save development time. This tool below will be used to setup rooms where players can search for clues.
Users will be able to upload and customize assets in this game, this assets will be available in the clues and layout section

A version of a layout I'm still working through.

Example prototype of setting up AR placement for the game

This room sample above will eventually be built using the tool I'm building. It's a bit complicated though, creating small proof of concepts for each piece of development is currently what I'm doing. I will show more videos of progress later.
Production has been very slow mostly due to working with almost no budget... But I can work with small budgets. It just takes longer to finish a product...
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